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  Hemp is very special natural specie. Industrial hemp is an “emerging green industry” with characteristic agriculture as the foundation and the new industrialization comprehensive development and utilization as main body and features long industrial chain, wide product range, high technology content, high technical content, high added value, significant social, economical and ecological benefits.

  Hemp bast fiber can replace cotton. Because hemps are dry, their fibers are thin, the cross-sectional shape of the fiber is complex and the hemp contains more than ten trace elements beneficial to human body, in addition to comfort brought by hemp when being used as clothing products, hemps have many other functions: It can prevent accumulation of static electricity, will not appear pilling due to fraction or absorb dusts; and its heat resistance is much better than that of other fabrics. It is also ultraviolet-proof. Authoritative test data shows that it can shield more than 95% ultraviolet rays; and most importantly, it has natural antibacterial and antifungal effects, as well as prominent health care function.

  Hemp stalk core can also be used for making paper, cotton viscose fiber, wood-plastic building material, furniture, automotive interiors, activated carbon, etc. Viscose produced with China-hemp as raw material has the features of antibacterial, deodorizing, moisture absorption, sweat releasing, microwave absorbing, noise reduction, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Currently, China-hemp stalk core viscose varieties being developed include: high-strength fire retardant viscose fiber; electromagnetic shielding viscose fiber; cigarette filter viscose tows and the like.

  Hemp roots can be used for producing bio-fuel, be used for power generation and be used as residential energy resources. When using hemp roots as bio-fuel, the heat value is almost the same with that of standard coal and can be up to as high as 5,000 calories.

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