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  • 产品名称: Hemp Seed

  Exclusive variety: Yunma No.1 TM hemp seed, all is from Yunnan Industrial Hemp Inc. – China’s only legitimate hemp planting and operating organization. Yunma No.1 TM is the research result of the national high-tech industrialization western project and also the exclusive industrial hemp variety in Asia, and the exclusive industrial hemp variety approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Public Security and be recommended to widely grow and operate. It is totally safe, non-toxic, green and healthy. Yunma No.1 TM is also the exclusive green organic product in China that has passed the organic product certification of the USA NOP, Japan JAS, and EU. Furthermore, the Ministry of Agriculture has listed in the protection scope of national first-class germplasm resources.

  "Ma Yun One TM" breed information:

  Ma Yun, also known as hemp, marijuana. "Ma Yun One TM" is Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the Yunnan Public Security Bureau under the support by the system into a breeding new varieties of industrial hemp, the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol-THC) content in line with EU standards widely used internationally (THC <0.3%), 2001 was adopted in July variety approval Committee of Yunnan Province.

  100% natural, perfect nutrition, green energy, help you clean the stomach, clean up the blood vessels, but also your health and vitality every day!

  100% longevity food

  In one of the world's five major longevity in Bama, every 100,000 people there are 30 more than hundred years old, more than the international standard of 4.4 times the longevity village! In addition to the special geographical environment, Bama centenarians elderly longevity secret is, they eat every day, hemp nuts, sesame oil, or the use of fire to cook. On average, each year for the elderly live longer eating hemp nuts 15 kg, equivalent to eat at least 40 grams per day!

  100% complete nutrition

  Hemp nuts taste fresh and natural, very tasty, diet rich in all the nutrients needed by the body Air Day. Its high protein content, contains all 8 essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, these nutrients are essential to keep the body healthy nutrients, but the body can not synthesize their own, must be through food supplements. Because hemp nuts protein ratio in human blood protein composition is very similar, which makes it very easy to digest and absorb, is more excellent than soy protein and dairy foods.

  100% healthy energy

  Hemp nut oil contains more than 90% of unsaturated fatty acids than meat, more nutritious and healthy, able to give a comprehensive nutrition and physical energy, but also help the metabolism of toxins and fat, that is, you are nutritional supplement of choice, while helping you clean up the gut and blood vessels, while maintaining a balanced daily diet body fat and maintain health and vitality. Hemp nuts cholesterol content is zero, and wherein the linoleic acid also helps the body's fat metabolism, so long-term consumption of hemp nuts can also help lower cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease.

  100% safe Green

  "Ma Yun One TM" hemp nuts cultivation base all in Yunnan laterite plateau mountains, we strictly control in the planting process does not use any chemical fertilizers and pesticides, to achieve 100% natural, is the real green organic food. "Ma Yun One TM" in the process, we only use physical means shelling guarantee will not add any chemical lotion, truly safe, but also retains the most natural hemp nuts and fresh taste. All this is to ensure that you eat hemp cloud One TM hemp nuts, 100% safe, green, health, nutrition.

  Hemp nature's most perfect food:

  "Ma Yun One TM" Hemp seed contains 35% protein. Globulin occupy 80% of the acid containing 21 amino acids, which contains rare 8 essential amino acids, on the development and growth of the human body plays a very important role, it is called "the most perfect source of protein." Eight amino acids specifically what is it? What kind of human good is it?


  1, involved in connective tissue, microvascular epithelial cells forming quality, and maintain normal permeability.

  2, increase appetite and promote the secretion of pepsin, enhance immunity, improve developmental delay, prevent tooth decay and promote children's growth.

  3, to improve the absorption of calcium and promote bone growth.

  4, the absence will reduce people's sensitivity, women will menopause, anemia, dizziness, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms.


  1, to promote the synthesis of hemoglobin.

  2, prevention and treatment of niacin.

  3, to promote growth, increase appetite.

  4, 35 times the sweetness of sugar, the preparation of food, etc. for the production of sugar diabetes, obese patients to eat better.


  Converted into tyrosine in the body, promote kidney and thyroid hormone and synthetic adrenaline.


  1, involved in the synthesis of choline, with the function of fat, prevent arteriosclerosis hyperlipidemia.

  2, has a function to improve muscle activity.

  3, to promote the synthesis of skin proteins and insulin.

Sensory Requirements

Item Requirements
Hemp Seed Unshelled Hemp Seed
Appearance Gray-green or gray white
patterned shelled particles
Milky white petal like particles intermingled with green seed coat
Smell, Taste With the unique smell and
taste of hemp seed
With the unique smell and
taste of hemp seed
Impurity No visible foreign matters

Physical and Chemical Indicators

Item Index
Hemp Seed Unshelled Hemp Seed
 Crude Fat (Wet Basis)                             ≥ 25.0 40.0
 Moisture                                                    ≤ 10.0 8.0
 Mildew Rate                                            2.0 2.0
 Pure Seed Rate                                       -- 90.0
 Acid Value (calculated by fat)             ≤ 4.0 4.0
 Peroxide Value                                       ≤ 0.2 0.2
 Aflatoxin                                                  ≤ 5.0 5.0
 Lead                                                          ≤ 0.2 0.2
 Inorganic Arsenic (calculated by As)  ≤ 0.2 0.2
 Pesticide Residues In accordance with the provisions of GB2763

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