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Industrial hemp Biofiba and Australia signed the "global strategic cooperation memorandum"

Date:2011-11-28 12:53


(Print dispatch: Marketing Department Zhang Jin) July 12, Hampshire parent company Yunnan Industrial Hemp Co., Ltd. and Australia Biofiba signed a "global strategic cooperation memorandum" (hereinafter referred to as "the" Memorandum ""), industrial Mahjong as the world's only designated Biofiba hemp fiber and hemp stalk core large suppliers, together with co-production of new environmental protection plate. This means that cloud hemp One of utilization and market entered a new chapter.

Since its inception in 2001, we have been committed to the cultivation of industrial hemp toxic cannabis in order to bring the greatest social welfare. Ten years, industrial hemp varieties developed five non-toxic, which is currently the only Chinese, but also Asia's only five non-toxic cannabis varieties. High nutritional value of industrial hemp in the seed kernel and other end products, while the trend is gradually maturing, and Biofiba signed the "Memorandum", whether economic, social, or ecological benefits, will enter a new era.

The cooperation for environmental protection significance. Biofiba company chairman Laurence W • Dummett said: "Choice of Yunnan Industrial Hemp Co., Ltd., is because it is a world leader in the study of species, large-scale cultivation At present, China's annual production of about 3.98 billion exit tray, total global. yield 2/3 (.) these products are disposable after use in more landfill destruction, damage to the environment, and this new material may be biodegradable within 180 days, broken down into harmless ground cover. "the cooperation that will integrate Biofiba advanced equipment and technology advantages in resources and industrial hemp production of new environmental simulation timber to replace the wood, plastic and polystyrene and other materials, production of biodegradable export transport pallets, whether pre-production material, or post-burial destruction, for environmental protection, epoch-making significance.

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