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Refusing hemp? Is it already everywhere

Date:2016-05-09 13:07

  Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, or cannabis crops, native to China and India, is an annual herb. This strain can be quite mysterious magic plant, many people say it is drugs, the temptation is to sink the evil soul factor, talk about the mere mention of hemp, at arm's length; there are a lot of people say it is a misunderstood hero, full of treasure, is for the benefit of human perfection thing.

So, what is hemp? Really so mysterious? In fact, hemp has long been quietly entered my world you become everyday necessities "basic necessities" of. Here, Xiaobian to uncover the mystery of hemp, hemp together to enjoy full color world.

Hemp elements into a new dress with fashion

Hemp fiber is environmentally friendly textile raw materials, known as "Ma king." Relatively common cotton clothing, hemp fiber finer and softer, while sterilization antibacterial, sweat cooling, comfort care. Gerlan Jean spring runway hemp pattern as a fashion element is added in a sweater, after the fashion of wearing beach-goers can fully display the unique personal charm; Sam Whitten launched a use hemp composite fiber made frames and become a new fashion items.

Fire eating delicious hemp goods can not resist

In the coffee shop in Amsterdam, Spacecake Wietsaus hemp and hemp cake fries sauce is a must-alone product; in the Netherlands, there are hemp-derived products, such as hemp lollipops, hemp tea, chocolate hemp, hemp beverage; in China, the first paragraph relax type of hemp drinks SUTIWA Sa Ti tile is already available, is currently the only people able to come into contact with hemp seed extract as the core material of drinks.

I want to buy can not buy the apex of the cone hemp Room

Italian "Paradise Town" Alberobello, known as the world capital of architecture apex of the cone. These are inseparable from the dome of hemp, mixed with other materials after construction can achieve good results, and low-carbon energy, maintaining good indoor air quality.

Hemp fiber aircraft turned green Fly

Hemp fiber is one of the world's most durable fiber is ten times the strength of the glass fiber. Because of this feature, the aircraft industry team completed a full aircraft manufacturing hemp fiber, hemp and equipped with biofuels, more green.

In the past, only hemp food crops, small application range. Nowadays, hemp continues the fine tradition and innovation, has become the way of innovation and fashion philosophy of life, and quality of life. Overseas, the hemp industry already burgeoned; in the country, such as Han Yi biotechnology hemp industry chain involved in long-term development of high-quality companies are developing rapidly. I believe there will be more applications hemp stunning strikes, change our lives.

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