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Hemp Functions

  Marijuana is a very special natural species; industrial hemp is characteristic agriculture-based, comprehensive development and utilization of new industrialization as the main chain length, wide range of products, high technology content, high added value, social, economic and ecological significant environmental benefits, "emerging green industry."

  Hemp bast fibers can replace cotton, since hemp has dried, fine fibers, fiber cross-sectional shape of the complex, containing more than 10 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body and other characteristics, so in addition to marijuana haberdashery comfortable, there are a lot of features: it can prevent static electricity build-up, will not play ball friction and absorb dust; heat resistance is much higher than other fabrics; it also UV, authoritative testing data show that it can block more than 95% of ultraviolet rays; the most important point it has natural antibacterial and antifungal effect, health function is very prominent.

  Big Stick core can be used to make paper, the production of cotton, viscose fiber, wood furniture, building materials, automotive interiors, such as activated carbon. In the production of hemp as a raw material viscose antibacterial deodorizing, moisture wicking, absorbing silencer, UV, corrosion and other special functions. Currently being developed by the Chinese viscose Stick core varieties: high-strength fire retardant viscose fiber; electromagnetic shielding viscose fiber; viscose cigarette filter tow and the like.

  Cannabis root can produce bio-fuel for power generation, life energy. Hemp root biofuel, coal calorific value and almost up to 5000 high card.

  Hempseed contains 8 essential amino acids, the unsaturated fatty acid content of nearly 90%, higher than the United States Fish Oil. Hemp seeds can produce high-grade cooking oil, hemp seed oil of 30 ~ 40% ω fatty acids extracted sesame oil capsules can be produced with a health care function, the remaining residual oil to produce biodiesel. End of virgin oil seed meal can also produce protein powder, feed. Hemp seed oil as an additive to be used for the production of cosmetics, paints, inks.

  Marijuana leaves and flowers can be used in the pharmaceutical treatment of many incurable diseases. 2737 BC in ancient China Shennong pharmaceutical scientists on the use of marijuana to treat gout, beriberi, malaria, rheumatism and other diseases, creating a human use marijuana treatment of disease history. The US has filed cannabina from a variety of drugs for the treatment of glaucoma, AIDS-induced wasting disease, asthma, nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy, stroke sequelae.

  Marijuana body can use its roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit inclusions very rich, each use. According to high-frequency plasma spectrometry determination of hemp seeds are rich in human health is very beneficial trace elements, hemp seed contains the body can not synthesize, nature, lack of body most in need of unsaturated fatty acids (OMEGA3, OMEGA6) and high-quality protein , is a natural health food and pharmaceutical, cosmetics raw materials; dried hemp fiber is a poor conductor, its resistance to electrical breakdown capacity 30% higher than the cotton fiber, hemp fabric with UV radiation shielding function, and heat excellent, widely used in military equipment, medical supplies, clothing sunscreen, umbrellas, camping tents and upholstery fabrics; hemp hollow fiber cell tissue, is conducive to air flow, anaerobic bacteria can not survive, and its products have natural antibacterial sanitizers, Stick with whole produced tissue, newsprint, paper lunch boxes, children diapers natural antibacterial properties antivirus any other raw materials to produce the paper can not be compared; leather hemp fiber length, good quality, is the world's finest industrial paper material , widely used in the production of paper coinage, drawing paper, filter paper, cigarette paper and paper tea bags, and automobile manufacturing.

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